Sony Media Manager Pro

December 27, 2007

Hmm not sure why the Sony Tech Support Guy didnt mention this?

Only $13.00 To do something that they should offer for free. This is probably a easier method to converting videos to your Walkman but the regular free version is slow and hard to use already.

For now I will stick with Nero to recode and maybe try this later.

Welcome to My Sony Walkman

December 27, 2007

Welcome to My Sony Walkman. A wordpress blog with useful information for your Sony Walkman Video MP3 Player.


Sony’s Online Support

December 27, 2007

I loaded up Sony’s website and looked around for some support help.

After finding a live support option for my type of Sony product. (Sony Walkman) I began a chat with a nice Sony tech support worker. As you can see he was not very helpful other then trying to tell me to go buy another Sony product. Here is the transcript below.

*Names have been edited.

eSupport Chat Transcript

Sony Support_ > Hi Customer. Welcome to Sony Online Support. I’m Sony Support. Please allow me a moment to review your concern.


Customer > Hello


Sony Support_ > Thank you for waiting, Customer. I’ll be glad to assist you in providing the information to find the compatible video for the Walkman Player.


Customer > The walkman came with no converter software, and the Media Manager 1.1 for the walkman I downloaded contained no software to convert either.


Customer > I have found various sites such as sony connect to find videos for PSP but they do not work on my walkman.


Customer > I did find a free trial of NERO Recode Essentials, and by converting video to NERO Digital Category:Sony Memory Stick Video and NERO Digital Profile: Memory Stick Video (PSP) I was able to convert videos but there are many PSP video sites that DO NOT WORK!


Sony Support_ > What is the Operating System installed in your Computer?


Customer > Windows!

XP Home Edition Service Pack 2


Sony Support_ > Do you have the Image Converter 2 Plus Software?


Customer > No


Customer > I am looking for free software. as this walkman should have came with.


Sony Support_ > In that case, I suggest that you download the video from the iTunes or Napster website which are compatible with this player.


Customer > I am looking for a free conversion program, or a!

website with already compatible videos.


Sony Support_ > Image Converter 2 Plus Software can be used to convert the video from AVI, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, QuickTime and WMV file formats to Memory Stick Video Format (MP4 compatible).


Customer > where can i download this program?


Customer > also the videos do not work on my walkman.


Sony Support_ > The Image Converter 2 Plus Software is not available for online download, it can !

be purchased from


Customer > Why do many PSP MP4 videos do not work on my walkman?


Sony Support_ > To playback a video file on the portable player, the file must meet the specified requirements, such as resolution and frame rate, and be in an MP4 ‘Memory Stick’ video (.mp4, .m4v) file format that is compatible with the portable player.


Sony Support_ > If the file you would like to play does not meet these requirements or is not in this format, video conversion software will be required to convert the file into the appropriate format.


Customer > shouldn’t sony provide software with the walkman?



Sony Support_ > No, Customer. I’m sorry. This Software is not supplied with the Network Walkman Player.

Customer > ok thx you for your support, happy holidays.


Customer > i suggest some information like this is added on the walkman site.


Customer > also your product registration website is not working.


Sony Support_

;> You too, Thanks.


Sony Support_ > Please give me a moment while I get this information for you.


Customer > ok


Sony Support_ > Thanks for waiting, Customer.


Sony Support_ > I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. This website is down for two days. I suggest that you try this after two days and check if it works.


Customer > thank you.


Sony Support_ > You are welcome.


Sony Support_ > Is there anything else I may assist you with today?


Customer > no.


Sony Support_ > I hope you find this information helpful; should you require any help, please do contact us. It was a pleasure assisting you today.


Sony Support_ > Good-bye and take care.

Sony Support_ > Thank you for contacting Sony online support today.


Sony Support_ > Analyst has closed chat and left the room

Sony Actualy Has Videos To Download

December 27, 2007

To my amazement I actually found videos from Sony to download specifically for their Sony Walkman Video MP3 Player. But guess what it’s only movie trailers from Sony Pictures. The search continues.

How To Convert to .mp4 for Walkman with Nero Recode

December 27, 2007

Ok as promised here is the how to for converting a video to a .mp4 format that Sony Walkman will recognize. In this How To I am using Nero Recode 3 which is part of the Nero 8 Software.

For this how to I will download a video from Connect. Connect Sony Video

You will notice along the top of the website it says. Free Downloads for Sony Devices

But the videos DO NOT work on the Sony Walkman.

I have included images to help those who are not the most tech savvy of sorts.

1.) I have decided to use the Superbad Trailer for this example, if you havent seen the movie go watch it. Click download MP4 only.

2.) Depending on what internet browser you are using download the file. (FireFox Shown Below)

3.) Open Nero Recode and once it is open select Recode DVDs and Videos to Nero Digital

4.) Once open on the bottom right select under Profile Category: Sony and under Profile PSP. Then click Import Files.

5.) Go to where you downloaded the video or where your video is on your computer. Select the video file then click Add title. Then click close. Make Sure the video is set to the correct size or you will not be able to view it on your Walkman, click Custom Resize then enter 320 wide x 240 tall this should work fine.

6.) Since you had selected PSP it thinks you are transfering directly to a Sony PSP device just click Ok and go on to the next screen.

7.) Select where you want your file to be burned to and then click burn.

8.) The file will begin to burn to your selected desination on the left side you can see the video previewed. Once done it will ask you to save a log file, you don’t need to, then click next and then exit.

9.) Now that you have your video in .mp4 you can rename it for easier finding, I renamed mine from MAQ13529.mp4 to Superbad Trailer.mp4 on the walkman to have a preview image on videos you need to include a .jpg image and upload it along with the video in the video folder on your Walkman in your MyComputer screen. Make sure they are the exact same name to display correctly.

10.) Upload to your Walkman wait for it to finish then disconnect the USB from your Walkman and goto your video section and enjoy your new Trailer.

Converting Video For Your Walkman

December 27, 2007

At first I almost gave up and thought why didn’t they just spend a little bit more and get me a Zune or a ipod. Since I thought it was hopeless to find a converter or a site with videos that work on the Walkman. Then I did some research and found a program. Nero Recode 3 which is part of the Nero 8 software.

This program can take any video format and convert it into a mp4 format that Walkman will recognize. Even existing mp4 videos that do not work on Walkman. You can try Nero 8 for 15 days free, buy the thing from the Nero site, or get it by “other means”.

I have also found another program that works to get videos to work on Walkman and this one is from Sony themselves. Image Converter 2 Plus which is works fine to convert videos to mp4 format for the walkman even though on the site is does not list the Walkman as a supported device. (Nice going sony) But I tried to take a existing mp4 vodcast from G4 and make it into a mp4 that would work on my Walkman but then it said the format is not recognizable. So therefore you can’t take mp4 and convert into mp4 for your Walkman with Sony Image Converter 2 Plus. So I suggest just use Nero 8’s Recode software which works great for me.

If anyone reading this does know of a website with mp4 or m4v videos that for sure work for the walkman please leave it as a comment.

In a later post I will show step by step how to convert to mp4 using Nero Recode.

Video Uploading to your Sony Walkman

December 27, 2007

If your like me and you want videos on your walkman then you will soon or you already have found out its vary hard to find videos in the format that Walkman supports.

The problems I have found are that many “vodcasts” (Video Podcasts) are in mp4 format. The MP4 format IS supported on the Walkman but, there are many different variations of this format. Most vodcasts such as those on do not work with the Walkman, why this is I am not sure. From what I have learned is that different devices such as ipod, psp, and other things that use mp4 all have different specific coding to work on each device. As we all know the ipod is the more common owned portable media device more so then the Sony Walkman or Microsoft Zune. So many videos are set in the ipod mp4 version.

To my surprise I found out that many videos in mp4 format ment for the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) do not play on the Sony Walkman, you would think that 2 products by Sony would support the same type of mp4. Even videos on Sony’s PSP video website are not compatible, which came as a real head scratcher.

I read my Walkman booklet again and saw that the Walkman also supports .m4v so I went into the search for videos in this format, which is even harder to find then mp4 videos. But all .m4v videos I have found so far do work on the Walkman without any problems. Such as CNN Now in the News Vodcast which is updated daily and is in .m4v format. Unfortunately most vodcasts are not in the .m4v format.

In another post I will post some information on how to convert videos/vodcasts into the mp4 format for your Sony Walkman as well as some other useful links.