Happy New Year

First off I want to say Happy New Year to you all.

It has been a long time since my last update but I just wanted to say a few things.

First off, my lack of updates is rather obvious. I no longer use my Sony Walkman. Last spring I bought an iPod Touch off of someone I knew for very cheap and I have been using it constantly since then, the only time I don’t use it is when I mow the grass because I am too afraid I will damage my ipod.

Also I wanted to say to everyone who has been leaving comments and helping others. Thank you all! It is because of you this blog is still alive. I had hoped originally when starting this back when I received my Sony Walkman as a Christmas gift that I could help others with their issues with their walkmans and using video. I would like to think that with your help I accomplished that. To any first time readers who are reading this post for the first time, do not be shocked, you will probably get frustrated with your Walkman, and if you had a iPod you would also get frustrated, that is going to happen with ANY new gadget you get. There are a lot of helpful comments here on this blog so please take the time to read them as there are simple and FREE programs online that you can use to convert any video to your Walkman.

Hope everyone has a great 2010, and Sony if you ever read this please contact me, I would be more then happy to offer you advice for future Walkmans and share with you information I have gathered through this blog.




9 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Joel says:

    Hello man! Your blog rocks!! šŸ˜€

  2. J&C says:

    My snoy walkman mp4 player has trouble reading wmv and certain mp4 files. According to the box, the player handels these video formats. I have tried many vob to mp4 converters but none work except for one called ANY Video Converter. Problem is that these videos are out of sync. have you had this problem. If so do you have any suggestions.

  3. Kuaz says:

    I’m trying this one called “format factory” now…it has options to format everything to anything. So well see what happens, i’ll get back to you on it right away. So far in the progress of the processing .wmv format output does not work.

  4. Kuaz says:

    no that program sucked, every program i have tried sucks

  5. Fabio says:

    I use a program called SUPER, that can be foun on http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html.
    This software allows you to edit the bitrate of the videos and audios, you chan check that on the manuals provided by Sony, one example is http://www.docs.sony.com/release/NWZE435F_E436F_E438F_PT.pdf, page 128.
    SUPER is easy and converts without losing the quality of the original video.
    I’ve converted live performances recorded in high quality and the result on sony walkman was great.
    Hope it helps.

  6. Thanks Fabio,

    I tried SUPER and it was … well … Super! Thanks!

  7. ltfallin says:

    hey Linux users (especially those with dual boot systems)

    I have used the cocoon software for conversion, but I don’t like having to “live” in windows if i can get out of it.

    Handbrake seems to be a pretty good program and it will convert .flv files to .m4v … however … my sony walkman doesn’t like that …. so … back to the drawing board. Also no need for a file flash video d-loader as I just go to the tmp directory and look for vids … just rename the vids to foo.flv or whatever.flv etc etc then you can use handbrake to convert … but I haven’t been able to get it to be recognized on my sony walkman. Also … if you are a dual-booter … just get “dropbox” transfer the vids to a file of your choice in dropbox … make sure dropbox is installed in linux and windows … then just login to windows and recover the files from there … and use the coccoon software to convert to .wmv šŸ™‚ or try using wine or virtualbox or whatever … also opensuse linux DOES mount the sony walkman player … which is cool.

  8. ltfallin says:

    I will be experimenting with “wine” today … let’s see what I can come up with.

    But anyway … once again … linux users, opensuse 11.2 DOES mount Sony Walkman NWZ-E344 (you may have to get all the updates to the system BEFORE opensuse recognises it, but it will recognise it and then you can even edit files on the fly! drag and drop … make new directories … something I was unable to do in windows, it’s actually pretty cool.) the drawback is … I’ve had to set things up in windows (Media File Converter by coccoon software) in order to convert .flv files to a format that is recognizable by the walkman (.wmv in my case) (or .wma) I’m trying to get this all to be a seamless operation totally in linux … but no luck so far.

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