The Solution To Your Video Woes

Hello my avid readers, once again I really do appologize for not posting this sooner.

First I would like to thank Bo a reader who left a comment which was very helpful.

The iPod Video Converter from Jodix Technologies Ltd. does work with your Sony Walkman. The videos will be converted to an ipod format that plays on your Walkman perfectly and the quality is quite good and it’s 100% free no watermarks or reduced time. This is the website you can download the program from.

As always if you have any problems leave a comment and someone else can try to help you. I have noted a couple of problems with this program, it will not convert certain mp4 and m4v videos but most will work. So far no problems with the other popular formats. MPG MPEG MOV MWV

Thanks again to everyone who is leaving comments.



9 Responses to The Solution To Your Video Woes

  1. john says:

    Yea, i tried this and attempt to drag it to the sync, but it doesnt convert…

  2. lavi says:

    I have the same problem as john above, the program claims that the video files have no ‘stream’ to copy.

  3. Nero says:

    How To Change Language ?? From Japanese to english !

  4. Vyas says:

    My walkman says that the converted file is of an unrecognized format. It says its mpeg-4 but I dunno why it doesnt accept it. How many different types of mpeg 4 files are there?
    This is incredibly frustrating!!!

  5. paul says:

    thx dude! 😀

  6. Anshal says:

    I have a similar problem to lavi. When I open the tab up to find to the file for conversion, the program says that theres no stream on the video; which i know for a fact there is.

  7. Blake says:

    Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ihave been up late in to the night researching and failing to get vids on my player email me

  8. Sony Walkman MP4 Converter is the best assistant which can help you to convert audio/video files for Sony Walkman with high output quality and fast conversion speed. It is a multifunctional software. It can not only help you to convert files for Sony Walkman, but also other Sony products and mobile phones, such as, Sony Ericsson, Sony Xperia, PSP, PS3, and so forth.

    Sony Ericsson Video Converter,

    Sony Xperia Converter,

    Sony PSP Video Converter

  9. Nick says:

    U Can use daniusoft video converter..
    Best quality !!
    Awesome video converter !!
    Wer can i find a sony media manager pro software to download?

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