Video Uploading to your Sony Walkman

If your like me and you want videos on your walkman then you will soon or you already have found out its vary hard to find videos in the format that Walkman supports.

The problems I have found are that many “vodcasts” (Video Podcasts) are in mp4 format. The MP4 format IS supported on the Walkman but, there are many different variations of this format. Most vodcasts such as those on do not work with the Walkman, why this is I am not sure. From what I have learned is that different devices such as ipod, psp, and other things that use mp4 all have different specific coding to work on each device. As we all know the ipod is the more common owned portable media device more so then the Sony Walkman or Microsoft Zune. So many videos are set in the ipod mp4 version.

To my surprise I found out that many videos in mp4 format ment for the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) do not play on the Sony Walkman, you would think that 2 products by Sony would support the same type of mp4. Even videos on Sony’s PSP video website are not compatible, which came as a real head scratcher.

I read my Walkman booklet again and saw that the Walkman also supports .m4v so I went into the search for videos in this format, which is even harder to find then mp4 videos. But all .m4v videos I have found so far do work on the Walkman without any problems. Such as CNN Now in the News Vodcast which is updated daily and is in .m4v format. Unfortunately most vodcasts are not in the .m4v format.

In another post I will post some information on how to convert videos/vodcasts into the mp4 format for your Sony Walkman as well as some other useful links.


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  1. James Wilcox says:

    Thank You! I’ve been going crazy trying to figure out how to get video on my sony I’ve tried a million different things that have not worked until I found your website. I Finally got video to go on my player, but the audio part did not go on with it, so it’s just the video and not the music that goes with it. Any suggestions on what I did wrong?

  2. mysonywalkman says:

    Hmm I am not sure as I have not had that problem. There may have been a problem with the conversion. Depending on what program you used to convert your video make sure to check that you have a audio format selected. On the Sony Walkman website it lists under supported video format that the supported audio format for video is AAC-LC (Click Crystal Clear Sound on the right then click Specifications on the left)

    Glad I could help out other fellow Walkman owners, if you know anyone else who is having the same problem then direct them here. 😉

  3. Caroline says:

    Why is this so unbelievably difficult!? I too, have been losing my mind over trying to get videos on my walkman. Do you know what (if there is) is the best method to convert music videos from itunes to the walkman?

    Also, where can I find / buy movies to download?

    Thanks. I am thisclose to just returning the thing and giving up entirely.

  4. mysonywalkman says:

    I know nothing about iTunes sorry.

  5. zach says:

    Ive been loosing hair over this similar problem… I noticed that the cnn m4v file went on the walkman fine, so i was able to watch something other then that stupid spiderman trailer. But how do i convert my mpeg videos to m4v?

  6. mysonywalkman says:

    view my post about the program Nero and you should find an easy way to convert.

  7. WokeUpDead says:

    Using the free program avidemux in linux (windows is available i think) I have videos working with the following settings:

    video: Mpeg4 (lavc) – 340×420 30fps 1300kbps
    audio: FAAC – 192kbps Stereo
    container: MP4

    the video bitrate could probably be higher, but that makes the detailed fast motion dvd clips i’ve been converting crystal clear.

    if you were going to do a whole movie you could probably put the bitrate down to 5-600kbps to save space.

  8. shaun mills says:

    i had the same issues as everyone with the video conversion on my nwz-a818
    its a great little device jus the video conversion is a pain, and the sony site and support isnt much help i am a true sony fan but it hase to be said that this is a fundimental flaw in this device as it should above all be user freindly if it wants to compete with nano

    i suggest they look at their product introduction processes so that this does not happen again and at the very least put some info on their site on how to convert mp4 so that they work with this player, and perhaps offer a dload of the software to do this……

    i am using “alive MP4 converter” which is avaliable (ahem isohunt)
    the problem is the settings, i found on another forum the bitrate fame rate settings and plumbed these in, my videos are working on my player, and im using drag and drop in explorer to transfer them, the issue is that my converted file size is bigger than the original file? foe example i had a 900 mb video converted it to mp4 now its 1600 mb
    this mut be to do with my settings….

    any ideas

  9. tom says:

    hey everyone, as ‘WokeUpDead’ said, avidemux works great!

  10. Chuck says:

    Hey everyone. I found a great freeware programs that works perfectly for SONY MP3 players. I used it to convert AVI to MP4. Works like a charm:

    happy viewing!!

  11. Frustrated says:

    Thank you so much for the avidemux tip! I was pulling my hair out all weekend trying to find a software that’ll work!
    I’ve installed it and converted my vids into a format fit for my mp4, but when I save it as a new file, it becomes blank. It won’t open with Windows Media Player, QuickTime or RealPlayer.

    Any tips? Preferably with resources that a 13-year old girl can get her hands on.
    Much appreciated! xD

  12. Pulling my hair out screaming says:

    Thank god im not the only one. First off I have no idea how to put my videos on my sony mp3. I have a realPlayer, is there any way I can just hook up my mp3 to my real player and just put my videos on there? HELP!!!!

  13. Fred says:

    I initially shared your frustrations with putting DVD video on the player. Here is how I finally solved the problem. I purchased the Pro version of the Media Manager for walkman but purchasing this is not neccesairy. I downloaded Xilisoft DVD to PSP converter. You can download it for free, but will need to pay for full functionality. I placed my DVD in my drive and changed the settings to 320 x 240, selected highest quality for video, highest quality for sound, and selected RIP. It was very fast and saved the file to my computer. If you open windows explorer, and have your Walkman connected via the usb, you can drag and drop the file directly into the Walkman video folder. It worked great for me, with no problems. The software limits your file size, unless you pay for the full version. I suggest you download this for free and try it out for free before purchasing.

  14. Frustrated says:

    I downloaded Any Video Converter, and it is BRILLIANT! I ❤ it. If it was a boy, I’d marry it . XD

    I just download the videos onto RealPlayer, if they’re not Youtube or Google Video vids [For those, you just tell it the URL and it does everything for you], and Add them into AnyVideoConverter, then it starts ripping when I give the AOK. It is one of the best pieces of software I have ever come across.

    It can convert into these formats:
    DVD Video NTSC Movie [*.mpg]
    DVD Video PAL Movie [*.mpg]
    MPEG-I Movie [*.mpg]
    MPEG-II [*.mpg]
    MPEG-4 Movie [*.mp4]
    Customized AVI Movie [*.avi]
    Customized WMV Movie [*.wmv]
    Customized MP4 Movie [*.mp4]
    WAVE Audio [*.wav]

    I would fully recommend this program. Thanks for the tip!

  15. Xiya says:

    i tried Any Video Converter and it was brilliant…!
    until i found out that it limits your video conversion for max 3 mins ONLY

  16. SYoung says:

    I followed the recommendation by Fred of purchasing Xilisoft and it works like a charm. I also wasted 10+ dollars purchasing the “Sony Media Manager Pro” which only works for PSP devices. I’ll try to get a credit from Sony.

  17. jon says:

    I tried putting an mpeg4 on the walkman, no luck. So I took the spiderman trailer off the walkman, and of course it wont let me put the trailer back on.
    cant even put a video that came with it back on, what the hell.

  18. anthony says:

    I tried the avidemux it kinda works. I was able to get a few avi’s to convert but even some of those using the settings says does not support filt format

  19. Emma says:

    I tried the ‘any video converter’ and found its service promising. However after it had completed encoding, and then i transferred it on to my player, it was just a grey screen with a little film reel icon. Not at all sure what to do with it now.
    My main problem was that i purchased a TV programme from itunes and then i soon realised that it didnt work on my walkman, even though alot of their video podcasts worked flawlessly.itunes is great for video podcasts if you are looking for any kind of video, they have a wide range of nickelodeon and disney, MTV and news channels.
    However i strongly recommend you DO NOT buy a programme from them, yes you can watch it on the computer, but that wasnt the point i wanted to watch it on my walkman.
    Anyways, Hope somebody,anybody can help.

  20. Nikesh Patel says:

    i have a walkman and ive been trying to get videos for my walkman. i’ve tryed putting mped,mp4 and .m4v but cant get it. if u have solutions, email me at

  21. àndrew roberts says:

    Took me ages but;

    Any Video Converter, profile customized Mp4 movie and voila. That´s it.
    I was converting AVI

  22. KM says:

    hey guys…got the same prob of converting my videos to the sony walkman format..
    tried everything (including AVC)…nothing worked…
    finally got this wonderful wonderful s/w called JODIX IPOD CONVERTER…works like heaven….n its FREE…google it..can be easily found…
    and dont change the settings..the preset output settings work well..and then u can direclty copy+paste the o/p file in the video folder of the Walkman (in My Computer)…n u r done…!!..
    hope this is useful to my fellow sony walkman users!!…

  23. mark says:

    KM, bless you all to hell. The Jodix was so pleasant to d/l and use; followed your instructions (didn’t touch settings) and was stunned to see Lights Down Lo (Freeway) from sitting in my o/p file as mp4-but..then the familiar sight of just the (so fine) Surf’s Up trailer in my Wman after syncing. Reread your post, played with mycomputer (you have to right click and expand walkman) to get to Video folder. (yeah, I’m a novice). Anyway, anyone wanting to return their Wman (I have s616f) yur crazy. The video and the satisfaction of transferring wav files for classics like Eminen M.Mathers-the amazing sound!!-the equalizer (adjustable clearbass) I could go on. (oh, I d/l’d the high res-the lo-res video didn’t work)

  24. cat says:

    hey guys,
    i got the same problem of converting my videos..i tried everything and i convert a lot of times but it still doesn’t work.So can someone tell me the exact format needed and the software???pls.

  25. sarah says:

    i tried using a mv4 file on my a728 ant it didnt work…

  26. howdy says:

    The only working freeware I tried is FormatFactory, a chinese software but also has english version.
    I choose custom/Video Stream section 320×240 FPS 29.97 Video Encode H264, and use default numbers for all other settings. Finally I can watch my favorite TV shows with my walkman.

  27. Rux says:

    thank you so much KM!! the JODIX IPOD CONVERTER works so fine!!!! i love you thanks!!:):)

  28. Luke09 says:

    Download any video converter, its easily found on google. after downloading your movies, drag them into your any video converter on the top right hand side of the any video converter change profile to Customized MP4 movie, under that they’ll be video options, i use as follows an it works perfectly,
    Video Codec: Xvid
    Video Size: 320×240
    Video Bitrate: 768
    Video Framerate: Auto
    Audio Options,
    Audio Codec: aac
    Audio Bitrate: 128
    Sample Rate: 4410
    Audio Channel: 2
    Disable Audio: No
    A/V Sync: Default, be careful when downloading Any video converter, sometimes when you download it it only lets you convert 3 minutes of it try downloading fron a differtent site it completely free!!! and for the best Movie downloads for free go to sign up then go down to PSP format movies then movies, then scroll down and pick any of the uploaders, then go to the last page there will be a list of movies good Luck 🙂 email me if theres any problems ill be glad to help 🙂

  29. PBH1963 says:

    Luke09, That works great! Thanks for the tip! Converts itunes video podcasts beautifully.

  30. jack says:

    well done luke09, was tearing my hair out trying to put music clips on my Walkman, this works perfect. thanks for posting that tip.

  31. KW says:

    I worked out how to reformat the IPOD video Podcast .mp4 files into Sony Walkman compatible .mp4 files using a program called “MP4Box” under Linux. The package containing the program can be downloaded from .

    Once installed, you just type the the command :

    MP4Box -add .mp4 -new .mp4

    Hope this helps.

  32. jenny says:

    thank you guys so much for the info you have put up.i would still be goinbg crazy on how to upload the videos,but with the any video converter i have had no problems.

    Once more thanks to all who has helped me with the info.

  33. Mike says:

    ok, yea, u guys are numbnuts, I went looking on the web, and found several programs that worked great. If you fail at the first conversion then try again, key words think smaller, if the dang file transfers but doesn’t play, go smaller again, untill you find ur setting. It has been spelled out time and again on this site, so i’m not going to spell it out again. You aren’t trying anything new, so keep trying, and quit crying. If you can’t try multiple times then you shouldn’t be using such a brilliant device. And keep in mind, because of all the copy write protection and the pirating that goes on, it will be a little more difficult to get ur movies on ur player. Let alone for those of u that shamed the right for us to easily play our own videos on our own player by pirating, and supporting the download communities of pirated software. There will be downsides for everyone when people steal.

    • Stew says:

      Mike, there is really no need to be rude and indignant, arrogant, ignorant to people seeking help if you are so smart too smart for this situation then why be bothered. Dont be an ass.

  34. AtTheBrinkOfInsanity says:

    I will tell you I was at the end of my rope when I could not load a video onto my son’s walkman NWZ-E435F. It kept saying (file format not supported). I was told all kinds of “crap” by sony saying that the video’s I had needed to be in a certain setting and when I kept asking what that setting was they had no clear answer. Even they didn’t know what was up with their own product. I happened to run across this site and found out about any video converter. IT WORKS! All I did was add the movie, put the setting for the customized .mp4 movie and hit convert! The movies are crystal clear and the audio is perfect. Thanks to the person who mentioned this solution, it works!! Remember in my case the videos that go onto the ipod are different atleast in my case(for some reason), they need to be converted. Follow the directions with the converter and you too shall be watching videos on your walkman in no time!!



  35. Crystal says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Luke09! I am so glad I found this site. I bought the NWZ-E438F walkman mp3 for my husband. He deploys for Afghanistan in two weeks and I thought it being a Sony that it was a great price for a name brand product. Much to my amazement I have been on the computer for four days trying to figure out what format, what file size, what codecs are, why mp4 format plays on some things and not other, etc. I am not the most computer literate and sony was absolutely useless when it came down to telling me exactly what would actually play on the walkman.

    I downloaded the content transfer, I updated to Windows Media Player 11, I installed the Media Manager, then created an account and pay for a movie and download it in mp4 format just to find out it still isn’t compatible with my walkman. I was so confused as to what I needed to convert, how to convert, what kind of converter to download. I was ready to tear my hair out. But persistence paid off.

    I downloaded the free version on the, anyvideoconverter followed the specifications laid out by Luke09 to the letter and bam. Uploaded it to the walkman with absolutely no expectation that it would actually work and much to my amazement I had picture and sound. It worked beautifully. Now my husband will be able to listen to music, see pictures of our boys, and watch a few videos on the four day trek to the desert. Thank you!

    I must also thank AtTheBrinkOfInsanity for listing what model walkman she had. I almost didn’t bother until I saw that it worked on her NWZ-E model.

    If your having video compatibility trouble with your E-series mp3 sony walkman download the anyvideoconverter, you’ll save yourself a lot of time on google searches. (FYI: I have found and have a great movie selection in MPEG-4 format at great prices, they played wonderfully on my computer before converting them and just as great after conversion for compatibility with the walkman)

  36. sophie says:

    im so confused…i dont have a clue how to do this..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  37. MP3_ChrisCan says:

    Maybe this helps some people…

    I’ve had success with getting my new a726 Sony player to playback videos converted with VIDEORA 3G phone converter. I originally got this free SW to convert videos for my blackberry bold, it worked good for that (which has bigger screen/higher resolution than my sony mp3) so I decided to try it on my a726 (which I picked up dirt cheap at walmart yesterday for $80!). I wanted something smaller than the bold to take to the gym, but with a big enough screen (2.4″) that I could use it for watching movies 30-45 mins while doing cardio and other boring things ;). I also got a clearance 1000 GB ext USB HD for only $80 for storing all my media…but I digress ;).

    Here are the settings I use. I did this using a .vob file directly from a DVD (many ways to get to that- e.g. standard DVD decrypt with DVD decrypter but have it save the output to a single .vob file that you can then feed into videora). I don’t know if videora converts other file types (I think it must). I mainly wanted to convert a few of my favorite DVDs to my player (it only has 4 GB of memory so I can get maybe 3 movies + lot of my fav music).

    In videora:
    – I select the “Power User” option- allows setting some detailed config info
    – Select the location of your file on your pc, and where you want the output to be stored
    – I select the “Ipod nano 4G” profile; which gives a great many options on codec, bit rate, audio quality etc- set them per below:
    – Select 320X240 resolution, MPEG4 (NOTE: the H.264 setting option did NOT work- tried the same file changing only this option; this codec gave me a larger file size anyway), QVGA, 768 kbps video, and 128 kbps audio. I just picked the very basic option (there are a number of variants offered), just pick the first one in the list.

    This will produce a .mp4 file that I was able to drag/drop right on my player, in the video directory. It works great, good quality video and audio and no video/audio lipsync issues. The example I will give is that movie Wanted with a certain hot actress in it(widescreen). The .vob file converted to a file size of 658 MB with these settings. The conversion from .vob to .mp4 took about 1 1/2 – 2 hours on my 3 GHz/3 GB RAM XP PC. I also did the same with Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith and at least one other full DVD movie. Seems to work “consistently” (= over these 3 encodes). I think you could get away with 512 kbps video with this screen size, but the version of videora I have supports only 768 kbps rate and above. I don’t plan to go higher, 768 looks good to me.

    I am still trying to figure some things out- there are probably some more optimal settings. But at least now I can sleep (this kind of stuff irritates the hell outta me until I get SOMETHING working).


  38. alexia says:

    i have the same problem i cannt get videos on my walkman ,ive tried but ive finally given up.i have been trying for that long ;ive tried every format but they just wont work.all i need to know is the exact name of a software r program i can use and where to get it from. all i want to do is watch some videos on my walkman ,whilst im on the plz

  39. alexia says:

    i tried 4videosoft walkman video converter as my final option.but, finally ,when the video went onto the walkman this extreamly weird nosie simlar to that ,of a horror movie nosie i was so scared i turned it off .can someone plz tell me why the video was playing but the song wasnt ? the video was playing but this weird, horror movie,terribly disturbing nosie was playin in the background instead of the song

  40. Jude Alvarez says:

    I am soo stupid and i accidentally opened up the programs for my sony walkman and accidentally deleted the program it uses to watch videos. Does any1 kno what that program is and where i can get it? It is an mp4 converter or something like that. Please help!

  41. James says:

    Ok i found a great sofware for converting to mp4. Try abc3gp converter and change the output to mp4. it works like a charm and its free

  42. Sarah says:

    Well, I have recently discovered on my walkman 8gb that the MPEG4 format is easily synced. What i was wondering is if I can put a whole movie on it?

  43. GQ says:

    What a ridiculous song and dance you have to do to get this to work. Avoid the Sony Walkman. It’s rubbish.

  44. tony says:

    does anyone know a simple and free way to download music videos or videos similar to lime wire onto my sony walkman?

  45. Just Me says:

    I’m no n00b at video conversion and have experience with lots of different applications, but these Sony players are an absolute nightmare to work with.

    I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

    Using an NWZ-E445 – Don’t waste your money.

  46. Debu Mukherji says:

    I have bought a Sony Walkman (NWZ-S543) but I am not able to install the set-up in my PC (assembled). It requires genuine XP. Can anyone help me out in this matter..

    Also please let me know which video format (wmv/mp4) would be fit for playing in it.


  47. Debu Mukherji says:

    I forgot to mention that I have Format factory (2.20) converter.

  48. Dani says:

    Thank god im not alone on this. I’ve tried to ask Sony and they said the same crap over and over again and it still wouldnt help. Everytime it did get on the device, it wouldnt play. WTF?

  49. No Longer Pissed Off! says:

    I purchased the NWZ-E436F for my 6 year old daughter for her birthday (today) and I have been on this damn computer since 6am trying to get Spongebob videos on the damn thing!
    Just as I was about to write: “this is a piece of crap, don’t buy it!!!”, the damn thing suddenly worked. So here is how it worked for me:
    Using AVS Video Converter 6.2:
    Click and drag the file you want to convert to “Input File Name”. Click on the “To MP4” button at the top of the screen.
    Go to “Edit profile” and change the following to these specs:
    Video Codec: MPEG4 (DivX/XviD compatible)
    Frame size: 320×240
    Frame Rate: 30 fps
    Bitrate: 768
    File Type: m4v iPod
    Audio Codec: MPEG2/4 Audio

    Leave all the other specs as they are. You’ll be in Bikini Bottom before you know it!!
    Good luck. 🙂

  50. Fitpecs says:

    get Prism Video Converter Plus, its free and no watermarks, convert to mp4, the video size must be 320 x 240, i found thats why some wont work, you can change it on the programme under “edit output” and that should solve it, has for me anyway 🙂

    • Bob says:

      I tried out Prism Video Format Converter recommended by Fitpecs and must say it work very well.Downloaded the free version,opened a previously saved video on my pc in Prism,set the output settings at bottom of screen to .mp4,320×240, hit convert and than just copied the result to my Walkman. Great. Will convert Realplayer videos such as downloaded from utube. Get it here: – End of total frustration !

  51. tj says:

    3 years and this site is still being used. great job!

  52. LNXIYV says:

    My sony walkman can seen to handle up yo 900 bit rate! but it says only 764…

  53. Joe says:

    listen up any video you need can be created through a simple process i found. first download the latest version of realplayer and you then can download any video your watching on the web for free. then go on to and follow the simple instructions to convert all your download vids for free!

  54. Arkamond says:

    Ok if i have purple NWZ-S544 Walkman And i have found the solution…. Ok first you need a converter i would VERY MUCH suggest getting the TOTALLY free converter from
    it has formats within the formats which is what you need The walkman supports for video and audio the MPEG4.mp4 So once this is downloaded put it on .mp4 then go down to the bottom right then put the codec at MPEG4 and set most of the stuff to the original and then convert. This is the only soltution i have found and it has ALL the quality it had before you converted it.

  55. Arkamond says:

    Ok my earlier post was a little bit off. There are 3 known video formats this supports but not just the format also the right codec has to be with it. once you put in your walkman into your computer click on the setup thing in it then install the content transfter and everything else that comes with it… you SHOULD be able to drag and drop music,pictures and videos to it and they will convert them the music formats are WMV,MP3 and mabey more
    Video Formats WMV,MP4 with mpeg4 codec.
    And MAKE SURE that you have the correct size on your videos normal walkmans can only support 320×240 anything bigger will say its not supported.

    Ok now with the audio set it to acc codec and most likely leave the rest.

    Image formats are jpg,gif and mabey others.

    You should not need to get a converter if you go to your walkman on your computer and do the setup. Although it might not support some formats for transfering to the required format. With images if it dousnt support it open it up in gimp or other proffesional image program and save it as a jpeg.

    And also if your walkman wont turn on plug it into the computer and if it still dousnt turn on hit it twice against the desk XD and then it might turn on. if not contact sony. sometimes it might take a while for it to read that the walkman it plugged into your comp by the way.

    • Amazed says:

      Well, what you suggested didn’t work for me, so I went and did some searching and found this great converter called ‘Tipard Walkman Video Converter’ Google it, I downloaded it, changed the profile to ‘Sony Walkman’ and then one next to it to ‘Sony Walkman MPEG4 Video (320×240).mp4*’ and converted it, tested it and it worked perfectly, unfortunately it only does 5 mins max with the free version, I am going to get the full one soon and try it.

  56. Lauren says:

    I’ve tried everything on here that was suggested, and nothing works. When I convert something into WMV and I try to transfer it over, it says it won’t play on the player because there’s a couple things that aren’t right. When it’s in mp4 it loads, but then when I try to play it it doesn’t show up. I’m giving up unless someone else can give me another solution. Oh, and I have the E344.

  57. RobertHW says:

    Have Sony S544 Walkman,Ok? Put 3 videos on, tried to
    put on more at later time and the previous 3 automati-
    cally erased. WHY? Can anybody help me with this
    problem? Thanks!

  58. Aaron says:

    I am a HUGE Fan of Sony Products but when it comes to a Sony Walkman/MP3 Video Player I really don’t like this product the MP3 Music is fine,but the Video Formats are rediculuse to find anywhere,it is so hard to find a WMV Video file to put on the Sony Player so. I am goin out to buy a ipod in the furue at least they take almost ever music and video file format possible.

  59. Athomelewy says:

    I too had a ton of problems w/ videos on my NWZ – A726. I stumbled upon this site hoping to find a solution to my problems. Low and behold my prayers were answered!!! I took KM’s advice and downloaded the JODIX IPOD CONVERTER.It works flawlessly!! Just use the default settings to convert your file and viola………..It works like a charm!!

  60. Ngm says:

    Your awesome and every body all you have to do is download a converter for free I’ll post it latter

  61. MARCVILLA says:

    need help putting artwork to the video. i’ve been pulling my hair outta my head trying to figure it out. any help would be AWESOME!!!!! THX

  62. Mary says:

    I have had fits trying to get my Walkman to play videos too. The Sony tech told me I can’t play I-Tunes vodcasts because they are copywrite protected only for people with I-pods. Well after finding this blog I tried the Tipard Walkman Video Converter and son of a gun, it works! I got the free download. It converts the m4v I-Tunes videos to wav files and they play beautifully on my NWZ-544 Walkman. Only the first five minutes though, you have to pay 20 bucks for the full download. Well worth it because the video function on the Walkman is excellent quality.

    Thanks for this blog I don’t know how I would have ever solved my problem without it.

  63. desh says:

    For anyone who has the Sony NWZ E345 series, I have been sitting at my laptop for the past 10 hours trying to add videos to the damn thing. About to give up I came across this post and what a relief. Here is what is working for me.I convert the files using the Any video converter but instead of an xvid file, i convert it as a wmv file.(Reason being when i drag and drop the xvid MP4 file i am seeing it in the video folder on the PC but when i disconnect the walkman the file does not show up).I then use WMP player to sync the wmv files to the walkman and it is going through excellent. I have already added 20 music videos without a hitch.

  64. MB says:

    I have tried everything. Every converter listed here. NOTHING works. I am so pissed off. My 9 year old daughter bought two movies on itunes with her carefully hoarded and coveted itunes gift card to put on her brand new NWZ-E353 Walkman and I can’t get the videos on her Walkman. Itunes holds you hostage to ipods apparently when it comes to video.

  65. […] The busiest day of the year was January 3rd with 226
    views. The most popular post that day was Video Uploading to your
    Sony Walkman. […]

  66. Shawn says:

    My son has the Sony NWZ-E354 and we wanted to put videos on
    it. We tried to use i-tunes, but it would not convert. Please

  67. Tif says:


  68. Stew says:

    Mike no need to be rude. Get to the real point.If you got it good if you didnt get over it.

  69. Nathan says:

    This is my fault. I shouldn’t have expected a product that I paid for to actually work correctly. Stupid me. Sorry Sony, didn’t mean to expect your product to work, it wont happen again.

  70. Mihail says:

    Unfortunately, does not support MKV format. Then again nothing supports MKV format.
    I just converted, and synced with windows media player.
    No problems.
    Has amazing plug and play potential on newer Windows Operating Systems.

    If anyone else is looking for an MKV converter, UltraMKVConverter lives up to it’s name.

  71. mfe says:

    i don’t know what’s up with my sony walkman.
    it used to be fine but nowadays it can’t process any avi file. out of 10 vids it can only process 4 of them. all of the vids are in avi form so being an avi is n ot the problem.
    i thought maybe it was caused by lack in memory. but i’ve checked. it still have 1.89 gb free.

  72. mfe says:

    by the way i have a SONY NWZ E443(B).

  73. brad says:

    I converted my files to .m4v by just changing the file extension to .m4v instead of mp4. It successfully changed it, but my player still says “file format not supported”. please help.

  74. Jon Snow says:

    in Windows 7 when you drag and drop an AVI, MPeg, Mkv it actually ASKS if you want to convert it, you say yes, and bam… simple, done

    PROBLEM SOLVED PEOPLE (for those with Windows 7, and using My Computer to drag drop files into the Video folder)

  75. funny videos says:

    good funny videos…

    […]Video Uploading to your Sony Walkman « My Sony Walkman[…]…

  76. download says:

    Video download…

    […]Video Uploading to your Sony Walkman « My Sony Walkman[…]…

  77. nimra says:

    i downloaded dvixplus converter which changes the size of the video from mb to kb and also changes the file type but when i change the format of video to mpeg4 the size again changes to mb plzzzzzzzz tell me a good resizer for video who doesnt change the file type while resizing the file

    • nimra says:

      i downloaded dvixplus converter which changes the size of the video from mb to kb and also changes the file type but when i change the format of video to mpeg4 the size again changes to mb plzzzzzzzz tell me a good resizer for video who doesnt change the file type while resizing the file or resizer which contains mpeg 4(sony walkman) format

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