Sony Media Manager Pro

Hmm not sure why the Sony Tech Support Guy didnt mention this?

Only $13.00 To do something that they should offer for free. This is probably a easier method to converting videos to your Walkman but the regular free version is slow and hard to use already.

For now I will stick with Nero to recode and maybe try this later.

49 Responses to Sony Media Manager Pro

  1. Laurie Markey says:

    I completely agree that the conversion software should come free with the player. Can you tell me how to use Nero for file conversion?

    • Martin Lowe says:

      Try Prisim free programe then drag and drop in Windows explorer it works better than the supplied software. get it together Sony especially with you tech support Please

  2. mysonywalkman says:

    read my other post it gives details on how to convert with Nero Recode

  3. josé carlos alves says:

    Can you tell me where i buit the peograme Media Maneger pro?????

  4. mysonywalkman says:

    boas, your english is not clear, but if you want to know where to buy the media manager pro, here (
    ) is the link for the free version, download it then after installed check the program for the upgrade pro button.

  5. imran says:

    very disapointed to purchase sony digital walk man without media manger pro..
    its very hard to convert and drag movi files with out this soft ware..
    media manger pro softwear should b bulit in with device..

    • Martin Lowe says:

      I have just paid to upgrade to media manager pro and now nothing works. When it does work it take over an hour to convert a 30 min clip. Its not my PC as all was well with the lower grade Media manager. How do I go back to the originl version? Help Please

  6. italian customer says:

    I just bought the NWZ S616F walkman. Great audio.

    I’m very disappointed too the pro version doesn’t go with the player!!!

    Sony’s walkman are not that cheap and reproduce few formats so you can’t fully esperience your walkman without a conversion tool.

    by the way …

  7. Greg Rosabal says:

    When you buy an mp3 player of any other brand but Sony you always get the necessary software to use it properly and do with it what you intended when you decided to buy it. Only Sony sell you the product without the proper tools,I suggest getting a different brand of mp3 player and placing your Sony in the trash can you’ll be better of

  8. ThatGuyWithElecetronics says:

    Really? so this media manager pro for walkman whatsoever does not go with my sony nwz-s615f? because when i tried putting my Invader Zim .avi files into media manager pro… and only one video clip entered the program.. an so since it was only one i tried putting it into my sony walkman, it has an error message that says “The following files are not compatible” please somebody help me i love this show so i want to watch it everywhere i go.

  9. oscar ruben noris silva says:

    como descargo el media manager pro for walkman

  10. jun ferrer-philippines says:

    why not just integrate this sht media manager pro to your kit so it would not be hard for user to download their favorite movies.

  11. ingrid says:


  12. fuck sony says:

    total video converter

    download that tool and recode your movies to desired format

    Fuck sony

    i just got nw-something and can’t watch shit except those 2 stupid clips that came along with tihis pice of shit

    i’ll fuckin buy an ipod, i should have done that….idiot…

  13. agn says:

    Could anyone give us an authentication code? This sucks.. i need the fuckin MM..

  14. Fergus says:

    Ya Fuck Sony its a rip off i got the dam thing because sony is the best i was very wrong. i blame argos as well they never asid anything about this shit
    sony can can go fuck themselfs

  15. alberto says:

    Su producto es una porqueria, lo promocionan como capaz de visualizar videos y no se les puede colocar en el reproductor incluso siendo mp4. Y solo comprando aparte su software se puede lograr segun veo.
    Si alguien quiere comprar un sony walkman, no compren basura porque luego van a batallar como yo

  16. mark allen says:

    yeah i just spent 100 quid on this damn device and cant even transfer movies to it, i should of got an ipod, thats what i’ll be telling my friends to get. The software should come free.

  17. Roberto says:

    No hay otra forma de convertir video para el nwz-s616f ?
    ¿ Sólo con el Media Manager PRO for Walkman?. si es así, vaya mierda.
    He hecho muchísimas pruebas y no consigo visualiazarlo en el walkman.
    Si alguien lo consigue por favor un e-mail a momito 35 @ lycos .es

  18. jesus anthony says:

    hey chicos, si quieren reproducir videos en su mp3 walkman, necesitan descargar un programa “total video converter” lo pueden descargar gratuitamente en la internet, solo necesitan buscar sus videos y OJO necesitan estar con una resolucion de 320×240 de otra manera no se podran visualizar, una vez descargado el video arrastrenlo hacia el programa total video converter para que lo convierta a un formato MPEG 4 Y AVC(H.264) una vez hecho esto solo esperen la conversion, y pasenlo a su carpeta de walkman.
    a mi me funciono esto.
    Espero les haya sido de ayuda.

  19. jesus anthony says:

    aqui les dejo el link donde pueden conseguie el programa…….. good look!!!!

  20. Krazy Monkey 85 says:

    Respecto a la pagina oficial , te dice ciertas caracteristicas del video a como se debe debe de ajustar.

    Pero caray, hay muchos y muy buenos convertidores de video pero, para saber exactamente es para ese tipo de reproductor ?? Personalmente los videos deberian de cumplir con un estandar… Como los celulares, que en su mayoria son en formato 3GP, en cambio la mayoria de los reproductores de mp3, varian en mucho,y por supuesto las marcas.

    En ese caso, philips y sus reproductores, utilizan WMV, Insignia, utiliza supuestamente MPGE-4,pero es avi, a ciertas dimensiones, y ciertos cambios, el ipod usa MP4, pero bueno,todos quieren un pedazo del pastel, y es por eso de que si compras su reproductor, quieren que a fuerzas uses su software de conversion,y eso si no se vale.

  21. Fujoe says:

    Yes it was a silly mistake by Sony to charge for the Pro version.
    But I guess they realised their mistake as you can get this functionality (easy conversion of media for use with NZW player) from the ‘Content Transfer’ software that they provide on their support sites for these players.

  22. Dan says:

    Sony are crap, even if you wanna get the Media manager pro for walkman, there’s nowhere you can get it, they explain it.. don’t tell you how much or ask you if you want it. They’re support is crap

  23. Vyas says:

    I have tried like at least a dozen or so softwares to convert video files to mp4 format. Its horrible. Moast of the time the audio and the video are outta sync!! And the ones that do work, the video quality is lousy. Its fucked up.
    Anyone knows a better idea lemme kno!!!

  24. Arianwen says:

    I agree, Sony stinks. You can’t even find out how much it costs… they’re too busy telling you how good the rip-off is.

    Can anyone tell me if MM Pro actually works? Only it wouldn’t surprise me if it were just another official scam. Interesting that I have an old MP3 player with a small, two-colour screen and very little storage; and it actually has more useful functions than my new MP4. Lovely interface: impractical data management.

    Stuff Sony.

  25. Massiel says:

    Gracias Jesus Anthony, ya puego ver videos en mi sony nwz

  26. sonny says:

    Sony is ripping off people, I used to have a cheap brand MP4 player that could play everything, I paid big money for it i get shit from sony. I swear I won’t buy your product anymore sony

  27. sonny says:

    Hey You guys, I just discovered the way to convert the video files for sony walkman. Don’t buy the software media manager pro, just down load the Ipod-Video-Converter from website below, and it is free, good luck!

  28. Arianwen says:

    Jesus Anthony, me has salvado la vida.


  29. alguem says:

    thanks sonny!!

  30. Harald says:

    This Media manager is hard to be believe is provided with a first rate player like Sony Walkman. Its appearance and functunality seem decades behind iTunes (and iTunes is free!!!).

    Sony’s develoment teams are clearly delinked having a management that is unable to understand that Sony Walkman will forever be a secodary product without a first rate media manager.

    I am seriously considering replacing my Walkman with an iPod Touch.

  31. i hate miley cyrus says:


  32. i hate miley cyrus says:

    hey i hate miley cyrus as i hate media manager pro

  33. diego says:

    creo esto esa una porquería, he estado mas de 2 semanas buscando ese programa y no lo he encontrado !!!!

    si pueden enviarmelo gratis lo agradecere mucho!!!!!! porfavor

  34. krizia says:

    so disappointing. i have a digital mp3 walkman player from SONY, but i can’t seem to use the video application because of the media manager pro. please do something about it. many people we’re complaining about it.

  35. hostel says:

    I bought Sony player NWZ. It’s very difficult to transfer video file into this one. Media Manager cannot support for converting video file. It’s very uncomfortable for users. I don’t know why Sony cannot provide a good software with this player. Maybe they don’t care about customers’ benefit?

  36. michael says:

    will this program allow my walkman to play .aa files from audible. your tech guys on the phone said it would but im not sure. all i want to do is be able to listen to books while deployed
    thank you

  37. Kyron says:

    Why this don’t came with the device itself… what a scumb

  38. Mark says:

    I’m a music lover so the video issues mean nothing to me. However, managing my MP3 music is slooowww and pathetic. I kind of understand slow due tho the number of files. But bathetic? Please! They way they are listed in the software don’t necessarly match how they are on my computer and I’m not allowed to edit them like I am on my IPOD. IPOD software is way more desired than this. Will it ever be updated on the music side?

  39. SE owner says:

    Media Manager SUCKS! Don’t know about Pro version since I REFUSE to pay for upgrade since software sucks anyway!

    Sony Ericsson released Media GO as the “upgrade” to Media Manager, at least for their phones, but may be compatible with the Media players but don’t know!

    The SE phones’ media player were essentially taken from the stand alone media player units so why shouldn’t it work??

    Another problem… Media GO SUCKS as well!
    Doesn’t support Drag n Drop from PC into software and NOT user friendly like Apple’s iTunes!

    Sony makes decent music hardware but can NOT make any decent media software to support it!!

  40. kened says:

    Jesus Anthony yo tengo meses buscando ver videos em mi reproductor voy a descargar ese total video a ver que tal por lo que veo me va a funcionar thank

  41. byron says:

    this is a pice of dnt work..they are just stealing money..

  42. John Ogdee says:

    Well my computer crashed and I recently had purchased music media manager pro for my NWZ-S615F AND i WOULD LIKE TO REINSTALL IT. Please help me now!

  43. Hi great article thanks for sharing. I had a problem with operating media manager for sony ericcson W910i,because its ask activation code. Help me!

  44. Sony Walkman MP4 Converter is the best assistant which can help you to convert audio/video files for Sony Walkman with high output quality and fast conversion speed. It is a multifunctional software. It can not only help you to convert files for Sony Walkman, but also other Sony products and mobile phones, such as, Sony Ericsson, Sony Xperia, PSP, PS3, and so forth.

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  46. that is awesome!…

    […]Sony Media Manager Pro « My Sony Walkman[…]…

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