How To Convert to .mp4 for Walkman with Nero Recode

Ok as promised here is the how to for converting a video to a .mp4 format that Sony Walkman will recognize. In this How To I am using Nero Recode 3 which is part of the Nero 8 Software.

For this how to I will download a video from Connect. Connect Sony Video

You will notice along the top of the website it says. Free Downloads for Sony Devices

But the videos DO NOT work on the Sony Walkman.

I have included images to help those who are not the most tech savvy of sorts.

1.) I have decided to use the Superbad Trailer for this example, if you havent seen the movie go watch it. Click download MP4 only.

2.) Depending on what internet browser you are using download the file. (FireFox Shown Below)

3.) Open Nero Recode and once it is open select Recode DVDs and Videos to Nero Digital

4.) Once open on the bottom right select under Profile Category: Sony and under Profile PSP. Then click Import Files.

5.) Go to where you downloaded the video or where your video is on your computer. Select the video file then click Add title. Then click close. Make Sure the video is set to the correct size or you will not be able to view it on your Walkman, click Custom Resize then enter 320 wide x 240 tall this should work fine.

6.) Since you had selected PSP it thinks you are transfering directly to a Sony PSP device just click Ok and go on to the next screen.

7.) Select where you want your file to be burned to and then click burn.

8.) The file will begin to burn to your selected desination on the left side you can see the video previewed. Once done it will ask you to save a log file, you don’t need to, then click next and then exit.

9.) Now that you have your video in .mp4 you can rename it for easier finding, I renamed mine from MAQ13529.mp4 to Superbad Trailer.mp4 on the walkman to have a preview image on videos you need to include a .jpg image and upload it along with the video in the video folder on your Walkman in your MyComputer screen. Make sure they are the exact same name to display correctly.

10.) Upload to your Walkman wait for it to finish then disconnect the USB from your Walkman and goto your video section and enjoy your new Trailer.


30 Responses to How To Convert to .mp4 for Walkman with Nero Recode

  1. x51 says:

    This doesn’t work for me.. I’m not sure why though. I’ve just used 15 different file conversion tools. Using the standard PSP Profile. I’ve used Nero, Roxio, Imtoo, Xilisoft.. and many others. Videos Just do not play.. I get unsupported format.

    they play fine on my PSP though.. 😉

  2. Jack Fors says:

    I found an excellent free (not a trial) video file converter called Prism Video Converter at this webste. It not only will convert downloaded movies, etc. to play on the Sony Walkman, but it will convert video files to many different formats.

  3. Jack Fors says:

    The website for Prism is found at Hope this helps.

  4. mysonywalkman says:

    In response to x51: make sure you have the correct size if it is bigger then 320×240 it will not play.

    In response to Jack Fros: thanks for the link, I will take a look at this program and perhaps post about it.

  5. nunrg says:

    I don’t see a big problem about walkman videos. My A805 already came with the software called Image Converter, pretty cool tool which can convert videos to h264 directly into player. I guess it doesn’t come with further models which are without sonicstage. And walkman also supports basic mpeg4 (divx) format, so any payware or freeware mp4 encoder should work if the size is exactly 320×240. The reason why walkman cannot “eat” psp encoded videos is that they are in h264 5 main profile, and walkman only supports h264 baseline 1.3 profile, winamp can show that info.

  6. Becca says:

    Have you ever consider using Media Coder? It’s free and it works

  7. Rich says:

    I just downloaded that, doesn’t work though. I used a video that was MP4 followed all your steps, and still .. . no. .. i hate the walkman nwz-a815. it is crap. yeah good technology, just no content on this planet for it, Sony are being stingy giving away a few unknown freebee’s on there connect…. they don’t even send image converter with it because they want to cash in a bit more.

  8. Syazwani says:

    i’ve tried to use different types of video converters. Xilisoft, Super etc. etc. everything wont work for my NWZS616F. I’ve tried to download the Media Manager 1.1 for Walkman but when i installed it it said, requirements not met. does anyone know how to solve my problem? i’ve been so frustrated with my walkman lately.

  9. Syazwani says:

    This didnt work for me. It says the file type isnt supported by the device. what shall i do?

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  11. Hammerer says:

    Success using recode 3 with a walkman nw-a805. Thanks for the tips.

    Had to choose basic psp profile (not the one at the top)
    Went into settings and resize – ticked square pixel ratio and input manual setitins of 320 and 240 – then clicked OK.
    I chose to crop the widescreen source a bit, so back into settings and ‘crop’. I settled on cropping 64 pixels off each side – (looked fine doing a 3 minute test – by setting start and end points using ‘trim movie’ from the side menu)
    Took 23 mins to convert the whole 90 min movie – nice (d820 overclocked to 3.4ghz)

    Dont give up – the quality seems great to me and i’m fussy.

    Thanks again.

  12. Highlander says:

    I have been trying to get a movie onto my NWZ-A818 with no joy, the movies have been converted into MP4 but WM11 keeps saying that i dont have access rights , i love sony products & everything that i have is sony, but this is p—-n me off as i also have ipod nano that i dont rate but a least it lets you convert & download converted dvd. Can anyone help please

  13. Stevie G says:

    To Highlander and anyone who is struggling, just followed Hammerer’s instructions for Nero Recode – in my case using Nero 7 – and it works a treat! Thanks Hamerer. I too had tried others (ie Roxio) without success but that works brilliantly.


  14. bO says:

    You can also use Free iPod Video Converter Works good if you choose screensize 320×240.

  15. Eion says:

    Hi guys,

    I have installed and managed to get video encoded and across to my walkman (NWZ-E436F) using prism (per Jack Fors suggestion). I found it pretty simple to use.

    I am having an issue with nero recode and prism. With the audio/video getting out of sync once the video is transferred to the walkman, curiously enough. When I watch the MP4 in VLC or mediaplayer11 or quicktime the audio/video stay in sync. It only seems to happen once it is playing through the walkman. Anyone have suggestions on how to trouble shoot this?

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  17. renzo says:


  18. A1-13 says:

    Eion, I have a NWZ-E435F and I was having the exact same problem as you. Video and Audio would slowly or even instantly become unsynchronized on playback. I resolved the problem by upgrading the firmware from version 1.00 to 1.02. After that, it worked perfectly.

    At the time of this writing firmware upgrade 1.02 was available for the NWZ-E435F, NWZ-E436F, and NWZ-E438F.

    Go to
    Find your model, download and following the instructions carefully.

    Hope this helps.

  19. Patrick says:

    I just got an mp4 to work on my NWZ-E436F.
    I used the program awesome program called ‘SUPER’ (video/audio conversion program)…

    I did two things:
    1) Put the video size to 320X240 as Hammerer suggests above.
    2) I put the the bitrate to 1,008kbps (the .pdf manual on the CD that came with the player states that the bitrate of .mp4 videos has to be a max of 1,024kbps).

  20. Moe says:

    Thanks for the info on Free iPod Video Converter, it worked very well.
    I even tried it on a 480p high definition(.hdmov)video.
    My ffdshow tryouts, Haali Media Splitter and CoreAVC Standard Edition codecs popped up and the file converted and then worked on the Walkman perfectly.

    I bought two E436F Walkmans (for myself and nephew) and we were both ‘extremely disappointed’ in the Media Manager for Walkman. That was a lot of money spent just to be told that I would have to pay more to go Pro and convert videos.

    Thanks very much again…..time to remove Sony software!

  21. OrLoHaa says:

    it’s work 4 me
    thanks 4 your tips ^_^

  22. Celetina says:

    I give up. I’ve tried everything. I converted using Nero, changed the size but it just refuses to transfer to the device. Just says “Cannot copy device is disconnected or has stopped responding” which is ridiculous because the music transfer works fine. I was hoping that, after being screwed by Samsung and iPod, that Sony would make things a little easier but it hasn’t.

  23. Mike says:

    Nice, worked like a charm.

  24. Kitkat says:

    Hi recently bout an mp4/5 player of the internet which is ready to be returned as was cheap and no good. So I decided to go for the Sony NWZA728 after reading some reviews on how great and easy it is to transfer videos and music. The latter is not problem but videos…well, my daughter (who ths if for) is desperately awaiting to watch video’s on it and I have wasted hours trying to. I think if you spend enough on a product it should have decent supportive software. I have tried prism and it worked for one very short video and nothing else despite changing the size. I am at my wits end. Have tried Nero 9 but does trial version does not support MPeg4. I have no idea where I can download videos in the supported format….very frustrating

  25. Girish says:

    Thanks man… Jack Fros…… Prism software is really useful and it works 🙂

    set size as 320X240… it works !

    get tat software in the below website

    any way.. thanks 4 tis website
    Great Website…. Keep it Up Man

  26. Marcela says:

    son todos penca

  27. Monty Folds says:

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