Converting Video For Your Walkman

At first I almost gave up and thought why didn’t they just spend a little bit more and get me a Zune or a ipod. Since I thought it was hopeless to find a converter or a site with videos that work on the Walkman. Then I did some research and found a program. Nero Recode 3 which is part of the Nero 8 software.

This program can take any video format and convert it into a mp4 format that Walkman will recognize. Even existing mp4 videos that do not work on Walkman. You can try Nero 8 for 15 days free, buy the thing from the Nero site, or get it by “other means”.

I have also found another program that works to get videos to work on Walkman and this one is from Sony themselves. Image Converter 2 Plus which is works fine to convert videos to mp4 format for the walkman even though on the site is does not list the Walkman as a supported device. (Nice going sony) But I tried to take a existing mp4 vodcast from G4 and make it into a mp4 that would work on my Walkman but then it said the format is not recognizable. So therefore you can’t take mp4 and convert into mp4 for your Walkman with Sony Image Converter 2 Plus. So I suggest just use Nero 8’s Recode software which works great for me.

If anyone reading this does know of a website with mp4 or m4v videos that for sure work for the walkman please leave it as a comment.

In a later post I will show step by step how to convert to mp4 using Nero Recode.


23 Responses to Converting Video For Your Walkman

  1. Jack Fors says:

    I posted this elsewhere, but will post it again here. I found a video converter at a webste called The converter is called Prism Video Converter and it is FREE. I”ve tried it with some movies I downloaded and transferred to my NWZ-A818 Sony Walkman and it works great. It also converts video files to many different formats. They say that anything that can be played using Windows Media Player can be converted to work with the Walkman.

    • stevie b says:

      I bought some software called wondershare dvd ripper, it will rip copy protected dvd’s and convert them to many different formats, really easy to use. managed to get them to work with my sons walkman but when I tried putting them on my sony erricson walkman phone the picture and sound were perfect but not in sync! any ideas???I couldnt get prism to rip protected dvd’s?

  2. Kelly Lopez says:

    I tryed to use prism, and it converted with no errors(Thankfully). But i checked my Mp3 Sony Walkman, and it wasn`t there i was kind of, VERY, Dissapointed ;[.
    Ill try it again, And let you know, ;[

  3. Kelly Lopez says:

    Besides where will it convert to ;P

  4. Bri says:

    Just tried prism to convert MP4 to MP4 for my NWZ-A818 and still got the wrong file format. Tried again, but this time reduced the video size to 320 x 240, SUCCESS.
    Previous files all play on the ipod but not on the Walkman. Off to try some more :).

  5. Steph says:

    I tried out Prism also, and it worked! thanks to much, ive been looking and looking for ways to add video to a walkman.

  6. Hey, cool tips. I’ll buy a bottle of beer to the man from that forum who told me to go to your blog 🙂

  7. Guest says:

    Try simple converters for IPOD and use bitrates around 350 and Audio with 96kBit. It works!

  8. cosecx says:

    Handbrake is free, and works if you set the advanced setting text box to bframes=0:cabac=0:level=13 and the resolution to 320×240 on my NWZ-E438

  9. ahad warsi says:

    itz fabulous…………..

  10. Tony says:

    I tried Prism video converter and it worked. Check this out for your Sony Walkman. Thanks Jack Fors, you’re a blessing.

  11. Delane says:

    thanks broha, prism works,christmas is better already

  12. stevie b says:

    Hi all, kind of new to all this so bare with me, just bought my son an nwz-s554 for xmas and want to put movies on it, what do I need to do? if I download prism what settings etc. should I use? be gentle Im a bit of a techno-no-nothing so keep it simple.
    thanks for your patience.

  13. Amirss says:

    Just tried prism to convert MP4 to MP4 for my NWZ-S639. It didn’t work at all and still got the wrong file format. Tried again, but this time reduced the video size to 320 x 240, SUCCESS. Thanks all

  14. Anusha says:

    Thanks Jack for sharing the information… I was frustrated with the countless video converters I tried… Prism is awesome!

  15. LNXIYV says:

    I use any video canverter free version. H.264 vid (the best) 320×240 resolution AND aac audio lc version.. try it it works.

    • Lubo says:

      Yes only this worked , thanks , I tried prism but you cannot set anything so prism did not work for me , but Any Video Converter with the mentioned setting did , thanks a lot. I spent enough looking around downloading installing and uninstalling

  16. Amazed says:

    Well, what you suggested didn’t work for me, so I went and did some searching and found this great converter called ‘Tipard Walkman Video Converter’ Google it, I downloaded it, changed the profile to ‘Sony Walkman’ and then one next to it to ‘Sony Walkman MPEG4 Video (320×240).mp4*’ and converted it, tested it and it worked perfectly, unfortunately it only does 5 mins max with the free version, I am going to get the full one soon and try it.

  17. Joseph says:

    It worked good!

  18. Pat Lee says:

    Prism worked I had to choose IPOD from the lower menu and it worked. NWZ-545 Walkman 10-17-2010
    Cats Boat Race

  19. Nick says:

    Howz the quality when video is converted ? Do we get the same effect as the trailer given by sony in the walkman?
    Plz do let me know ASAP 🙂

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